Tourist information

On Sirkö island there are many small farms. We mostly grow fruit and vegetables. The are also some meadows. In May when all the fruit- trees are in blossom the scenery becomes a white sea of blossoms. The area around the camping is a delightful sight. Here is an old dark fir forest the ground covered with moss, a real magic forest, so perhaps you will see father hobgoblin looking at you behind a stone. There are also beech forests. Imagine strolling about in springtime when the light green leaves are freshly sprung, and the sun rays filter through the foliage after a quiet rain with all the smells released. The autumn has its charm too. In August and September you can walk in the forest picking mushrooms. If you are lucky you can meet an elk or catch a glimpse of a deer. In October when the weather is nice the scenery turns into a picture when all the trees in the deciduous woods oak, beech, mountain ash, maple, birch and asp display all the colours of the rainbow.


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