Mjölknabbens Camping lets you get close to nature in a peaceful, relaxing way. Rent a rowing boat or canoe and set off into the picturesque scenery around Lake Åsnen. You can also enjoy the view of the lake, and maybe spot a white-tailed eagle, from inside our toasty sauna. Read more about FISHING PACKAGES  ||  CANOEING  ||  SAUNA


Our fishing package includes one week in a four-bed cabin (or caravan pitches from no. 21 with power connection), a boat with a motor, anchor, fuel for a week, life vests, a depth map of Lake Åsnen and fishing information. The boats are Linder 440 aluminium boats with Mercury 4 HP,4-stroke motors. See prices here »

A large, rich fish population in Lake Åsnen Åsnen is widely known for its plentiful fish. Many people come to stay at Mjölknabbens Camping just for the fishing.


You’ll never forget a holiday at Mjölknabbens Camping. You can rent a canoe and paddle out into the amazing natural world of Lake Åsnen. The lake is home to Europe’s greatest concentration of osprey, and you can also see and hear the black-throated loon calling across the water in the evenings. Other birds you might see are heron and, with a bit of luck, white-tailed eagle. Because of the rich birdlife, many of the islands in the lake are protected between 1 April and 31 July. Humans are not allowed to go ashore on these islands during this time. Renting a canoe You can rent a canoe by the day, 24-hour period or week. Watertight barrels are another option. We sell maps of Lake Åsnen showing canoe routes and campsites, which cost SEK 40 per person. The price includes firewood, drinking water, a composting toilet, rubbish bin and campfire sites. The canoes are Linder Inkas 525s of aluminium. See prices »


Enjoy our barrel sauna at water’s edge. Sweat out your stress while you enjoy the heavenly view. Then take a cooling dip in Åsnen. We’ll have the sauna stoked up nice and warm when it’s time. See prices »